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Who Is Salwan Momika, the Quran-Burning Iraqi Man?



Sweden launched an investigation looking into Salwan Momika for allegedly inciting ethnic groupings in the country.

Photo : AP

The Iraqi Critic and Quran burner Salwan Momika sought asylum in Norway after reports of Sweden expelling him. The 37-year-old was faced with an executive order that ruled for deportation by authorities in Stockholm, less than a year after the country went through diplomatic tensions with Iraq.

Momika staged several burnings and desecrations of the sacred book of Islam in Sweden over the past few years. He was not successful in his attempt to destroy the holy book in July last year after Iraq lodged a strong protest against Sweden.

“I am on my way to Norway. Sweden only accepts terrorists who are granted asylum and given protection, while philosophers and thinkers are expelled,” the news agency Associated Press quoted Momika Momika as telling to the Swedish tabloid Expressen.

Who Is Salwan Momika?

Earlier, in February this year, a Swedish Court confirmed the deportation of Momika from the country. The 37-year-old self-proclaimed activist had in the past engaged in the burning of the Holy Book Quran. The decision to deport him was taken as he was found to be leading last year’s Quran-burning protests in Sweden.

Born in 1986, Momika an Iraqi refugee considers himself an atheist. He was brought up in a Christian family in northern Iraq, but over the years he became a staunch critic of Islam. Momika was also part of the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) that fought against the Islamic State.

Videos of Momika burning the Quran provocatively gained international attention, incited outrage and censure in a number of Muslim countries, and caused riots and instability across. Sweden launched an investigation looking into him for allegedly inciting ethnic groupings in the country.

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