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Salwan Momika, Iraqi Refugee Who Burnt Quran Several Times, Found Dead In Norway: Reports



Iraqi ex-Muslim Salwan Momika, who burnt the Quran several times, was found dead in Norway, According to reports emerging from X on Tuesday. Momika had recently left Sweden and had sought asylum in Norway and was reportedly under the protection of the authorities.

Momika had recently put an update about him shifting to Norway from Sweden. He also revealed that he has applied from asylum and protection from the Norwegian authorities. Further he confirmed that he will continue his fight against Islamic ideology no matter whatever it costs.

“Today I left Sweden and am now in Norway under the protection of the Norwegian authorities. I applied for asylum and international protection in Norway because Sweden does not accept asylum for philosophers and thinkers, but only accepts asylum for terrorists,” said Momika in his post on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

“My love and respect for the Swedish people will remain the same, but the persecution I was subjected to by the Swedish authorities does not represent the Swedes. I will continue my struggle against Islamic ideology Since I started the struggle against Islam, I have paid and continue to pay the price, and I am ready for that, whatever the cost,” he added.

Multiple social media handles claimed that Salwan’s lifeless body was found in Norway. However, official clarification from Norwegian authorities has not yet been received.

Momika Burnt Quran Outside Stockholm Mosque

On the day of Bakri Eid 2023, a protest erupted outside the Stockholm mosque in Sweden where Salwan Momika set ablaze some pages of The Holy Quran in an insulting act. He also laid a strip of bacon on the holy book and began stamping on it with his foot. He was joined by another protester who translated what Momika said. The shocking incident was reported during the Eid-al-Adha festivities on June 28 2023 (local time).

Salwan Sabah Matti Momika, now known to the world as the man who initially asked permission to burn the holy book and later, with no fear set it on fire in public, is a 37-year-old Iraqi refugee who openly ‘expressed his opinion’ towards the Islamic religious text and wanted it to be banned. The man fled from Iraq to Sweden a couple of years ago and was living in the municipality of Järna in Södertälje, Stockholm County.

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