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Not enough salary in Spain? Norway is offering jobs that pay up to €4,000 per month – here’s how to apply – Olive Press News Spain



NORWAY is looking for twelve mechanics to fill vacancies that pay up to a very tasty €4,000 per month. 

These positions are open for applications starting February 2024 and represent a valuable chance for skilled professionals and also apprentices in Spain to boost their earnings.

The job roles include three auto body technicians, three heavy vehicle mechanics, three light vehicle mechanics, and three automotive paint technicians. 

Responsibilities range from disassembling and assembling bodywork parts to repairing minor and major damages in cars.

Tasks included are chipping, welding, riveting, and, for painters, preparing and painting whole cars or specific elements.

Salaries for these positions are attractive, ranging from 250 to 280 NOK (Norwegian Krone) per hour, approximately €21 to €25. 

This translates to around €4,000 per month for a standard 40-hour work week, depending on the candidate’s educational level and experience.

To qualify, candidates must possess a driving licence and have a level of English equal to B1 level (intermediate). 

While professional training and two years of professional experience are preferred, apprentices with certification are also considered.

For those interested in applying, CVs must be submitted via email, SMS, phone, or WhatsApp before January 31, 2024, to the contact person listed in the job announcements. 

This opportunity not only offers a chance for a higher salary but also an experience of living in a different culture and learning a new language, appealing to a broad range of job seekers.

With the deadline fast approaching, candidates are encouraged to seize this opportunity to work in Norway, one of Europe’s most scenic and prosperous countries. 


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