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‘Norway Fired A Bullet..’: Salwan Momika Breaks Silence On Death Reports, Says ‘He’s Not Okay’



Salwan Momika, Iraqi refugee and Islam critic, has clarified death rumours about him doing rounds on social media platforms and posted that he is “not okay” and that the “whole world is against him.” The critic of Islam also said that Norway treated him unfairly and did not allow him to communicate in the last few days

“My friends, I’m not okay. I pay the price of freedom and the price of the word truth. The whole world is against me and Norway fired a bullet into the heart of freedom,” he posted on X.

Salwan Momika took to X and dismissed rumours about his death were making rounds the last few days.

He also came down heavily on Norway and said that his phone was confiscated by Norway the day he landed in the country. He also blamed a judge “fond of Islam” of trying to intimidate him.

Thus read his long post on X:

“The newspapers and news sites that published the news of my death in Norway are false and their goal is to intimidate everyone who doubts or criticizes Islam. Therefore, I say, your rumors and false media will not scare us. I am alive and will not surrender despite the injustice I was subjected to by the Norwegian authorities. Where I arrived, they arrested me immediately and stripped me of my phones. They prevented me from communicating with anyone, then they took me to court, where the court charged me with the following: You are detained because you pose a threat to Norwegian national security.”

“The foolish old judge seemed fond of Islam, so I told him that neither your imprisonment nor your courts will frighten me. It seems that you are happy with Islam occupying your countries and raping your daughters. So the police took me outside the court and put me in a secret prison outside the supervision of human rights organizations and away from the media and the press,” read his long post.

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