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Provaris: Fabrication of ‘world’s first’ prototype compressed hydrogen tank begins in Norway



Following the completion of all pre-production activities, Australia-based developer of green hydrogen projects Provaris Energy has initiated the fabrication of the H2Neo prototype tank in Norway.

H2Neo. Courtesy of Provaris

The company started the program for the construction and testing of the world’s first prototype scale compressed hydrogen tank in Norway in 2023 with Prodtex AS contracted to construct the prototype hydrogen tank and SINTEF to perform the prototype testing and reporting.

After raising $1.9 million for the program, Provaris has now commenced the construction and testing of the prototype tank, signaling that the program is on schedule for completion by mid-2024.

Upon testing by mid-2024, the company expects to obtain final Class Approvals from marine classification societies DNV and ABS.

Fabricated at Prodtex’s facility in Fiskå, Norway, the prototype tank showcases Provaris’ proprietary design, utilizing layered carbon steel and a stainless-steel liner. With dimensions of approximately 2.5-meter diameter and 9-meter length, it boasts a capacity for 650 kilograms of hydrogen at a design pressure of 250 bar.

Testing will confirm the full-scale tank design will safely store hydrogen through a set of fatigue and over pressurization tests representative of 25 years of operations, Provaris said.

The company also announced the third non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed this month with a “prominent international energy company”.

Under the MoU, the parties will assess Provaris’ complete hydrogen delivery chain, including its proprietary H2Neo carriers and H2Leo barge solutions designed for regional gaseous hydrogen delivery. Joint investigations are scheduled for 2024, with any definitive project agreements to be appraised upon completion.

Provaris’ Managing Director and CEO, Martin Carolan, commented: “We are thrilled to begin fabricating and testing our prototype-scale tank, poised to be the largest high-pressure hydrogen tank made of steel globally. This achievement, in Norway, strategically located for the EU’s growing demand for affordable storage and marine transport solutions, is significant. Our technical development program and supply chain economics have attracted the attention of major energy providers in Europe and Germany.

“With our third MOU, we’re exploring how compressed hydrogen can contribute to the large import requirement of Northwest European ports. Our goal remains to offer the most cost-effective compressed hydrogen supply for regional volumes, aligning with market demand and funding schemes to reduce investment risks.”

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