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Norwegian tech brand reMarkable enters India with its paper-styled premium tablet



Henrik Gustav Faller, VP Communications, reMarkable AS
| Photo Credit: Haider Ali Khan

reMarkable, a Norwegian tech brand, has officially entered India with reMarkable 2, a paper-styled tablet. Selling on Amazon’s India portal since January 5, the e-ink tablet targets knowledge and business users with its minimalistic design and UI. The concept of this tablet is to reduce distraction, the company said.

reMarkable 2 is the second product from the tech startup, but first to come to India. Bundled at ₹53,799, the reMarkable 2 comes with one-year free subscription plan. Thereon, the subscription for reMarkable 2 starts at ₹299 per month or ₹2,990 annually.

reMarkable 2 

reMarkable 2 
| Photo Credit:
Haider Ali Khan

reMarkable 2 operates Codex, a Linux -based platform, with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage, which is expandable up to 128GB, and works on ARM A9 dual-core 1.2 GHz processor.

The paper-themed reMarkable 2 tablet has a 10.3-inch LCD display having 16:10 aspect ratio and weighs around 476 grams. It comes with 3,000mAh battery and Type-C port for charging. The company claims two weeks of battery life and 3 months of standby time.

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On reMarkable 2, you can type or write using the magnetic stylus that comes with it. It converts even the hand-written scribbles into proper format, good for sharing and using.

The made in China tablet also gets timely updates and can be controlled via an app as well. reMarkable offers a software ecosystem including a desktop app.

“The company has no immediate plan to bring the manufacturing of reMarkable 2 to India, but we are quite excited about the potential that it has here,” said Henrik Gustav Faller, VP Communications at reMarkable.

Gustav said that the longevity of the device can be a differentiating factor while competing with other tablets in the market since it’s premium. “We keep supporting on software so people can use it for a long time,” he added.

reMarkable does not have any target to achieve this year, he said. “We are getting thousand of page views on our products and people seem ready to accept our products.”

The Norwegian firm will work on digital and online availability in India for its products. It might plan for a retail presence later to let people experience in India.

Having said that, reMarkable does not have any physical servicing present in the country now, but they offer assistance via support.

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