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Norwegian gambling regulator warns social media platforms



Lottstift says it will take a zero-tolerance approach against the promotion of gambling content.

Norway.- The Norwegian gambling regulator Lottstift has warned social media platforms that it intends to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to the promotion of gambling content, including streaming. It reminded the platforms that Norway’s Broadcasting Act prohibits all gambling advertising apart from that promoting the state-owned monopoly operators Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto.

The regulator said it had already taken “serious action” against for broadcasts of Norwegian influencers promoting online casino. Lottstift issued orders to the platform’s operator Tiergarten Marketing Ltd ordering it to cease such marketing activities in Norway after finding that it had promoted streams recorded on Twitch, Kick and YouTube.

The regulator said it had also sent cease-and-desist letters to Baris Entertainment AS and Viken Underholdning AS in relation to influencers promoting unlicensed gambling. It says the companies have until February 20 to comply and cease illegal gambling marketing or could face fines and violation fees.

Lottstift director Monica Alisøy Kjelsnes said: “Schpell uses Norwegian influencers. Much of their marketing takes place in Norway and is aimed at Norwegian consumers. We saw that many of the biggest influencers have stopped marketing illegal gambling. At the same time, there are some who are teetering on the edge of breaking the law. We will monitor and will consider more inspections.”

In October, the government of Norway proposed new legislation to introduce DNS blocking against unlicensed gambling sites. The move would require internet providers to implement technical measures to prevent access to named websites using the domain name system (DNS). Players would be redirected to a landing page that explains why the website has been blocked.

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