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Norwegian cruise line clarifies it went to different part of Antarctica



A cruise ship has found itself at the epicentre of an Antarctic storm – after last minute changes to the itinerary left some passengers fuming.

“Never book a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line,” the account @ruinedvacation said in their 9 February TikTok video. “Our ship is not going to Antarctica. They secretly changed the name of this cruise yesterday on the app.”

“They are not going anywhere near mainland Antarctica, which is what we paid for,” she continued, noting how she and other passengers were feeling “scammed” and “cheated” by the change.

Another passenger, Eric Huang toldABC News,: “It’s been largely a disappointment, in terms of not knowing where we’re going.”

“I don’t feel like I experienced Antarctica on this cruise. I think I would have to come again to be able to do that,” he continued.

Passengers on the cruise were told they would be travelling to South America and Antarctica. They believed the ship was going to stop in the stunning Paradise Bay, in Antarctica. But instead it stopped only at Admiralty Bay, an island 200 miles to the north, before continuing back to the Falkland Islands and South America.

A spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line said: “While we try to maintain original itineraries as much as possible, at times modifications are made to optimise the itinerary or to accommodate certain circumstances,” they continued. “To enhance the guest experience, the ship’s current itinerary was revised to allow more time for guests to explore Stanley, Falkland Islands. As such, the cruise by Paradise Bay, Antarctica was replaced with a cruise by Admiralty Bay, Antarctica.”

They added: “In addition, due to a recent regulatory requirement in the area, the ship is operating at a reduced speed, also impacting its original itinerary.”

But not all passengers were up in arms about the change. One, who preferred to remain anonymous, told The Independent: “Ultimately this is a ship sailing to Antarctica in some of the most treacherous seas in the world, not a train running to schedule; we have to be open minded, sometimes things will change, and I went in with this expectation.

“We have had a great visit to Antarctica, being very lucky with good weather, and the captain and navigational team did an amazing job.”

This article was amended on February 16, 2024, to make it clear that the ship had been to Antarctica, although not to the original planned destination.

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