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Norway vs Austria Prediction: The guests won’t lose at least



Norway vs Austria Prediction, Betting Tips & Odds │ 19 MAY, 2024

Prediction for the World Championship 2024 match between Norway and Austria which will take place on May 19. Who will turn out to be stronger? Check the team conditions! Several betting options are available.

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The Norwegian national team is a team that comes to the world championships with the sole purpose of staying in the elite division. In recent years, the Vikings have managed to cope with the task, after all, their skill level is higher than that of traditional outsiders at tournaments. And now the Red-Blues have a great opportunity to stay in the strongest group, as they have already done a great job when they unexpectedly beat the Danes 2:0. In other meetings they lost to the Swiss 2:5, Czechs 3:6, Finns 1:4, and Canadians 1:4, but ahead of them they have games with the Austrians and the British, where they will have a chance to get points, and therefore the Norwegians should not go out.


The Austrian national team was a real surprise team at the World Championship in the Czech Republic. It seemed that it was the Eagles who would be the main rivals of the Great Britain in the fight to stay in the elite of world hockey, and therefore the face-to-face battle in the last round will be decisive, but in fact the Eagles are close to solving all the problems ahead of schedule. It’s all about the fact that they took points away from two top-level teams at once: first they took the game to overtime against the Canadians, where they lost 6:7, and then snatched a win from the Finns – 3:2. There were defeats to the Danes – 1:5, the Swiss – 5:6, and the Czechs – 0:4, but this is enough for an intermediate sixth place in the Group A standings, and therefore the chances of staying in the elite are very high.

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The Austrian national team is making a very good impression at the 2024 World Cup. Only in the matches against the Danes and Czechs, the Eagles failed to prove themselves, so they lost – 1:5 and 0:4, respectively, while they beat the Finns, ended in a regulation time draw with the Canadians, and lost to the Swiss after conceding the decisive goal in the last minute. Now they will face the modest Norwegians, who could not be remembered for anything like that. The Vikings brought a couple of star veterans to the tournament, but Mats Zuccarello is already out of action, and it’s too naive to count on the efforts of 40-year-old Patrick Thoresen.

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