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Norway to Invest in Defense-Oriented Science and Innovation in the North



Norsk versjon.

On Friday, Norway’s government presented its proposal to parliament on how the national defense sector should be organized, developed and funded for the next 12 years.

Among the suggested measures to strengthen the Armed Forces is the establishment of new research and development operations (R&D) in Northern Norway. 

This will be organized by the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), which prefers the region’s largest city, Tromsø, as the hub.

“Such an investment in the North will increase the ability for defense, security and preparedness in the region. Northern Norway is the Armed Forces’ most important operational area – and an important starting point for allied activity. Settlement and activity in the North is strategically important to the Armed Forces,” says Norwegian MoD Bjørn Arild Gram (Center).

The initiative is referred to as technology and knowledge intensive. It is meant to contribute to regional robustness and trigger research-based innovation through civilian-military and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Furthermore, the activity is meant to create ripple effects for the expertise and business development in Northern Norway.

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