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Norway military chief warns Europe has ‘2, maybe 3 years’ to prepare for war with Russia



The head of the Norwegian armed forces is warning fellow NATO countries that they only have “two, maybe three” years to brace for a Russian attack — just days after it was revealed that Germany is preparing for the likelihood as well.

Norwegian Gen. Eirik Kristoffersen claimed Moscow is building up its military stockpile at a rate far faster than previously predicted, all while Western nations have depleted their own weapons by supplying them to Ukraine, according to local outlet Daglabet.

“There is a window now that will perhaps last for one, two, maybe three years, where we have to invest even more in a secure defense,” Kristoffersen told NTB, Norway’s press agency, on Sunday.

“We don’t know what will happen to Russia in three years. It is important for us to face an uncertain and unpredictable world with a strong national defense,” he said — while urging Norwegians to begin stockpiling food.

Gen. Eirik Kristoffersen, Norway’s chief of defense, warned that Russia would attack NATO nations within two to three years. Getty Images
The warning comes a week after Germany also predicted a possible upcoming Russian attack on NATO countries as the Kremlin continues to lay siege to Ukraine. Pavlo Pakhomenko/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

Kristoffersen noted that NATO needed to stay ahead of Moscow, which he said has switched to “a war economy” that is being quickly bolstered by allies in Iran and North Korea.

The military chief also told Norwegians that they must all be ready for the possibility of war on the horizon, as their nation shares a border with Russia.

“What the Norwegian population should think about is their own preparedness,” he said, referring to citizens stocking up on essentials. “We recommend everyone to have three days to manage themselves, and we also recommend increasing it if you are very vulnerable.”

NATO nations have predicted that Russian President Vladimir Putin will threaten to plunge Europe into World War III. via REUTERS
Norway is bolstering its weapons for an expected clash with Moscow. AFP via Getty Images

Kristoffersen’s words echo those of his Swedish counterpart, Commander-in-Chief Mikael Bydén, and the head of NATO’s military committee, Adm. Rob Bauer, who emphasized during a summit meeting last Thursday that Eastern European nations should be ready for war.

The meeting came just three days after it was revealed that the German army was preparing for the possibility of a Russian attack on NATO countries, an assault that could trigger World War III, according to leaked documents published in the German newspaper Bild.

The German army is allegedly gearing up for a Kremlin strike that would see an additional 200,000 Russian soldiers deployed against Ukraine this coming February, emboldened by Western financial support for Kyiv drying up.

Russia is expected to deploy 200,000 more soldiers against Ukraine within the coming weeks to capitalize on waning financial support for Ukraine. Global Images Ukraine via Getty Images

By July, the Russian forces would launch a series of attacks in the Baltics, with an all-out war with NATO breaking out by 2025, according to the documents obtained from the German Ministry of Defense.

The German intelligence also warns that the Kremlin will launch a propaganda campaign about conflicts along the new Russian border to justify its attacks in Eastern Europe.

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