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Neseblod Records (Formerly Helvete) In Oslo Severely Damaged In Fire, Black Metal History Destroyed



Neseblod Records – formerly the Helevete record store (the one with the “Black Metal” basement that everyone takes a picture at) – in Oslo has been severely damaged by a fire. According to Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG), a fire broke out in the basement and destroyed much of its contents.

“It is unclear what has happened,” said co-owner of Neseblod Records, Grethe Neseblod to VG. “I am standing outside now and cannot enter the room, which is very smoky. Therefore, I have no idea the extent of the damage.”

Police are currently investigating the fire. Helvete – originally owned by Euronymous – was shut down in early 1993 after drawing negative attention by local police and media thanks to the activities of the Black Metal Inner Circle, and was eventually reopened as Neseblod Records. The record story is widely considered to be a black metal museum, and this fire is nothing short of tragic for the world of metal.

“Much of what we have is only on display and not for sale,” added co-owner Kenneth Neseblod to VG. “It’s a museum-like venue at the same time as a record store. We have records, cassettes and tape trading letters that were previously used to write to each other in the metal community.”

A GoFundMe has since been launched to help Neseblod Records get back on their feet. Donate here.

“Hi, my name is Darren,” wrote the organizer of the GoFundMe. “I have been working with many Norwegian Black Metal bands over the years and Neseblod Records (Formerly Helvete) in the heart of Oslo, it has been part of the scene since the beginning of this unique musical movement, and is the heart & Spirit of the genre.

“A fire ripped through the basement and shop last night destroying an archive of rare Black Metal History!, I am starting this Go Fund Me to help Kenneth get back on his feet.”

We wish everyone involved with Neseblod Records all the best at this time.

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