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INMA Global Media Awards: 14 nominasjoner til norske mediehus



Her er de nominerte fra norske mediehus:

Category 3: Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand, National Brands

Schibsted Norge, Oslo, Norway, “How We Created the Best Wine Fair in Norway to Build a News Brand

Category 4: Best Idea to Encourage Reader Engagement, Regional Brands

Bergens Tidende, Bergen, Norway, “A Personalized News Experience

Fædrelandsvennen, Kristiansand, Norway, “Fædrelandsvennen ung

Category 7: Best Use of Print National Brands

Dagbladet, Oslo, Norway, “Dagbladet Magasinet Special Edition on Bullying

Category 8: Best Use of Social Media Nation Brands

VG, Oslo, Norway, “VG’s Use of TikTok as a Source for Evolving Our Entire Video Product

Category 9: Best New Digital Product

Bergens Tidende, Bergen, Norway, “Everyone Talks About the Weather: How Bergens Tidende’s Groundbreaking New Service Gave People Even More to Discuss

Category 10: Best Product Iteration

Bergens Tidende and Stavanger Aftenblad, Bergen and Stavanger, Norway, “How We Tripled the Amount of Users on Our Reward Programs

Category 13: Best New Subscriber Onboarding Experience, National Brands

Aftenposten, Oslo, Norway, “How Aftenposten Created an Engaging and Customer-Centric Onboarding Experience Across Product and 1:1 Channels with Promising Results

Category 16: Best Commerce Product or Service, Regional Brands:

Amedia, Oslo, Norway, “How the Publisher Ecosystem Can Fuel Advertising Funnels Generating Business Growth for E-commerce and News Media

Category 16: Best Commerce Product or Service, National Brands:

VG, Oslo, Norway, “How VG Solves Consumer Needs and Funds Journalism by Leveraging a Shopping Frenzy

Category 17: Best Use of AI for Internal Productivity, Regional Brands,

iTromsø, Djinn — Data Journalism Interface for Newsgathering and Notifications

Category 19: Best Innovation in Newsroom Transformation, Regional Brands

Bergens Tidende, Bergen, Norway, “Breaking Good: How Bergens Tidende Transformed its Breaking News Machinery

Category 20: Best Use of Visual Journalism and Storytelling Tools, Regional Brands

Bergens Tidende, Bergen, Norway, “Three Shots in Ibsens Gate

Bladet Nordlys, Tromsø, Norway, “The Avalanche (Skredet)

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