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‘I live in Norway and tourists often make the same annoying mistake’



Norway might not have Spain’s sunny weather but the Scandinavian country is still a leading holiday destination.

Its natural beauty spots are the primary draw for many tourists, some of whom visit on a cruise ship.

However, a Norwegian resident has shared the main problem with tourists in Norway on a Reddit forum.

Reddit user ‘the_pianist91’ said: “Our problem is primarily hyping of destinations in Norway on social media and the internet overall.

“The tourists they often attract are very unprepared despite many warnings and signs put up in the parking where you normally ascend.

“They underestimate how far it is even though they’re told it’s many tens of kilometres and this many hours normally one way.

“They underestimate the terrain, the weather, how fast it might change, their skills and how much time they use.

“They start wandering in shorts, flip flops, rain poncho and selfie sticks in the late afternoon and have to be rescued before they’re halfway up.”

A resident of Iceland also agreed, saying that tourists often “underestimate Mother Nature” in the European country.

Although Norway’s natural beauty is one of its primary attractions, it’s important to properly prepare before hiking there.

Tourists will need to make sure they have the right equipment and have planned their route before attempting a hike.

AllTrails recommends Brikdalsbreen as an easy hike. It’s one of Norway’s most accessible glaciers and takes about an hour.

The Sognsvann loop is one of Norway’s most popular hiking trails and runs for two miles around the lake.

If you’d like to attempt some of Norway’s trickier routes, why not join a tour or hiking group?

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