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Great Britain vs Norway Prediction: The home team has little chance of success



Great Britain vs Norway Prediction, Betting Tips & Odds │ 20 MAY, 2024

Prediction for the World Championship 2024 match between Great Britain and Norway which will take place on May 20. Who will turn out to be stronger? Check the team conditions! Several betting options are available.

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Great Britain

Great Britain once again arrived at the 2024 World Cup as a clear underdog and the main contender for relegation from the world’s strongest group. The same title did not prevent the Lions from retaining their place in the elite at the 2021 World Cup, when they pulled off the feat in the last game and avoided relegation, but now the task will be extremely difficult. They have not picked up a single point in their opening five games at the tournament. They lost to the Canadians 2:4, the Finns 0:8, the Swiss 0:3, the Danes 3:4, and the Czechs 1:4 the day before. The series of five consecutive defeats leaves them as the only team at the tournament who still have not managed to get points, and therefore they occupy the last place in Group A.


The Norwegian national team is one of the most stable national teams, but they are hardly proud of it. The fact is that the Vikings last made the playoffs at the planetary championships in 2013, after which they finished 10th to 13th places in ten consecutive tournaments. Of course, all of this allows them to stay in the elite world division, but sometimes they would clearly like to take on bigger challenges. At the 2024 World Cup, the Red-Blues even brought the experienced Patrik Thoresen and Mats Zuccarella, who have made a great start to the tournament, but the entire national team can’t ride on the shoulders of the veterans, and the rest of their partners aren’t helping them in the greatest way.

Expert Betting Tips

The Great Britain team justifies the title of the main outsider of Group A at the 2024 World Cup. In five matches played at the tournament, the Lions have not scored a single point, being the only such team, and the difference between the goals scored and conceded looks quite sad – 6:23. In the upcoming battle Peter Russell’s wards have little chance of success. The Norwegians don’t look good either, but they traditionally look good in face-to-face competition, having won all five previous head-to-head meetings. They are now unqualified favourites too.

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