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Goat yoga in Norway



(Betsy Bloom/Daily News photos)
Nikki Younk pats doe Nebula while Crystal Jacklovitz looks on as Harrison, far right, leads the session. Behind them are Erica Land, owner of the greenhouse and floral shop, and Kenzie Williamsen, plus Nebula’s buckling, Jack Frost.

Stacey Lantange gets a selfie with Chelsey Lillge and buckling Blizzard at the end of the goat yoga session; at right is Joellyn Musgrove.

Danielson’s Greenhouse and Floral in Norway hosted its first session of “goat yoga” in their greenhouse Saturday, bringing in two does and their bucklings from Moss & Meadow Farm of Vulcan. The farm’s owner, Stacy Harrison, teaches yoga classes in the area, but this was the first time she’s enlisted the goats, though it’s become a popular practice elsewhere. “Animals are so therapeutic for people,” Harrison said, adding the four goats “did great” with the participants — “They brought a lot of smiles.” The next round of goat yoga is planned for March 2.

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