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First details of Princess Märtha Louise wedding are revealed: Norwegian royal will wed ‘shaman’ Durek Verrett in fjord-side ceremony during a four-day long celebration



Princess Martha Louise and Durek Verrett attending the Princess Ingrid Alexandra?s 18th birthday Celebration event in Oslo, Norway on June 16, 2022

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Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, 52, will marry her fiancé, Durek Verrett, 49, on 31 August this year – a major milestone in a romance which has captured the imagination of the media and of people worldwide. The couple have the blessing of King Harald and Queen Sonja and will look forward to celebrating their union in a four day celebration at Gerainger, a fjord listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Details of the celebration have been published by Norwegian outlet, SE og HØR. Guests will arrive on Thursday 29 August for a ‘Meet and Greet Party’, a mingling occasion to help guests from around the world get to know each other.

In line with the low-key, boho vibe encapsulated by Märtha Louise and Durek, the party looks set to be very laid back, with a notable absence of royal formality. The dress code is ‘sexy and cool’ for the meet and greet party.

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Princess Martha Louise of Norway during the official opening of the Norwegian Association School for guide dogs for Blind people in As, Norway

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The second day of celebrations looks set to be focused around the water. A three-hour boat trip is planned to give guests an opportunity to appreciate the natural majesty of the Norwegian coastline. Some of the sights will include the Seven Sisters Waterfall, an immense cascade of glacial meltwater which plunges into the fjord from 250 metres. An evening of dinner and dancing will follow the boat trip before the wedding day comes around.

Princess Märtha Louise’s love life has sometimes been a troubled terrain. After her divorce from Ari Behn in 2017, Märtha Louise and her children had to endure the tragic loss of their ex-husband and father by suicide, on Christmas Day in 2019.

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