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Denmark vs Norway Prediction: the Danes Will Deal With Easy Opponent



Denmark vs Norway Prediction, Betting Tips & Odds │14 MAY, 2024

Prediction for the Hockey World Championship 2024 match between Denmark vs Norway, which will take place on May 14th. Who will turn out to be stronger? Check the team conditions! Several betting options are available.

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The Danish national team hasn’t had much luck at recent World Cups. The last time the Vikings made it to the playoffs was in 2016, but they didn’t go past the quarterfinals. In 2024, the Reds and Whites don’t have their strongest lineup, but they’re definitely not going to give up without a fight. They already had no problem with the Austrians in the opening game, winning 5-1. The next day, though, the team struggled against the Canadians, losing 1-5. It’s unlikely the Danes will leave the top of the rankings again, but to make the playoffs they’ll need to pull off at least one upset, as they have Canadians, Swiss, Czechs, and Finns in their group.

Norway hasn’t even considered competing for a playoff in a long time. The Vikings have enough experience to avoid elimination from the elite division, but that’s about it. The veterans—40-year-old Patrick Thoresen and 36-year-old Mats Zuccarello—have already made several impactful appearances at the tournament. However, all the other players are far behind them. The Reds and Blues had a chance to make a splash in their matchup with the Czechs. They were up 3-1 in the first period but couldn’t maintain their momentum and fell to the Czech team 3-6.

The Danes are way stronger, so they’re still the favorites for the upcoming match, even without their best players. The team has been winning in recent H2H meetings, with four straight victories (12:1). They gained a better chance of success now because they have more experience, skill, and ambition.

However, we shouldn’t expect much from the upcoming match. Denmark and Norway gave us some great, fun games at the World Cup, but they play each other pretty boringly. In the three previous H2H meetings, the rivals only scored eight goals (2.67 on average). That’s a pretty low figure by the standards of modern hockey. Also, the Reds and Blues didn’t score at all during this stretch, so they’re expected to have trouble on the offensive end.

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