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Claim vs Truth? Is Iraqi refugee and Islam critic Salwan Momika really dead in Norway?



Social media platforms have been flooded with claims suggesting that a former member of Iraqi militia Salwan Momika, who is known for publicly burning Quran, has been found dead in Norway. These claims have sparked widespread attention and various posts are now being circulated across different platforms that Momika is dead. 

One of the accounts on X social media platform posted, “The lifeless body of Iraqi refugee and Islam critic Salwan Sabah Matti Momika has been found in Norway. Momika was known for organizing demonstrations in Sweden where he publicly burn Koran several times.”

Yet another one claimed, “Salwan Momika, who burnt the Holy Quran several times in Sweden, was found dead in Norway. He was possibly a frustrated asylum seeker who pretended to be anti-Muslim to get shelter in Europe.”

Similarly, many other accounts went on making similar posts and several attributed Momika’s death to his controversial actions and his ani-Islam stance.

However, upon closer examination, these claims which gained much attention are proving to be painting a completely different picture. The Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Center (DFRAC), a fact-checking website, looked into the matter to ascertain the veracity of the information being propagated on social media platforms. 

Through their investigation, DFRAC found media reports that contradicted claims that are getting viral.

Claims v/s truth 

While citing a report from the Norwegian newspaper website ‘Document’ which quoted the Police’s Immigration Unit, the fact checking website denied any knowledge of Salwan Momika’s demise in Norway.

The said report said, “The Police’s Immigration Unit is not aware that Salwan Momika has been found dead in Norway. Thus, the rumours buzzing internationally have been denied. The police’s immigration unit (PU) is not aware that someone with the above name has died in Norway recently, we get a response from the communications department.”

Moreover, no official statement regarding Momika’s alleged death was issued by the Norwegian government, as per other media outlets.

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Because of these findings, the fact-checking unit affirmed that the viral news surrounding Salwan Momika’s death in Norway lacks substantiation. The claims made by social media users, as per DFRAC, were deemed false and misleading.

(With inputs from agencies)

Heena Sharma

Heena Sharma is a digital journalist who writes mostly on current geopolitical developments. @HeenaSharma0819

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