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Bulk Data Centers begins construction of new 42MW facility



The development comes as a surge in demand for data centres has led to the campus’ existing capacity already being contracted.

“The rapid growth in occupancy at the N01 Data Center Campus underscores the undeniable demand for highly scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions,” said Gisle M. Eckhoff, executive vice president of Bulk Data Centers at Bulk Infrastructure.

“The success of our strategic approach is reflected in the trust from our owners and partners, which will help us to build data centres of the future that meet the demands of our growing customer base,” Eckhoff added.

The new facility will offer 42MW of IT space, designed to accommodate the latest generation of high-density GPU and CPU infrastructure. It will include air cooling and direct liquid cooling capabilities of up to 100KW+ per rack.

In 2023, Bulk Data Centers launched a 12MW data centre facility at the N01 Data Center Campus which is now fully contracted due to high demand.

The new 42MW facility will be constructed at the 300-hectare site and connected to the existing 125MVA dual onsite substations.

In addition to the current construction-ready levelled land area of 265,000 square metres, Bulk Data Centers will also undertake the preparation of an additional 300,000 square metres to facilitate future expansion.

As part of the longer-term scaling at the N01 Data Center Campus, Bulk is working jointly with regional and national grid companies to add 300MW of additional, redundant power capacity that allows for continued large-scale data centre expansion, both for hyperscale and co-location facilities.

“Meeting our customers’ demands is our number one priority. Our team possesses an intimate knowledge of market trends, and we remain dedicated to constructing data centre infrastructure at a large scale and in the shortest timeframes,” said Rob Elder, chief commercial officer at Bulk Data Centers.

“At a time when countries across Europe are facing constraints on land and power, we offer a holistic solution, enabling our customers to scale in a low-cost sustainable way,” Elder said.

The N01 Data Center Campus has the potential to grow beyond 1000MW as it is in immediate proximity to one of Northern Europe’s largest transformer stations and has 300 hectares of zoned land.

The site has access to surplus production of 100% renewable power and is highly connected with large-capacity intercontinental and regional fibre routes, connecting the site directly to European and North American transport hubs.

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