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Beyond paper: Norwegian tech brand hits Indian market with its e-ink tablet reMarkable 2



reMarkable 2, a unique e-ink tablet by Norwegian tech brand reMarkable, aims to replace traditional paper for professionals and students. It offers distraction-free digital note-taking and document management, though it’s not budget-friendly for Indian consumers.

Henrik Gustav Faller, Vice President Communications, reMarkable (Image Credits: Mohammad Faisal/ News9Live)

Norwegian tech brand reMarkable entered India last month with its second-generation e-ink tablet reMarkable 2. This product is nothing like an iPad or Android tablet but works more like digital paper intending to replace notebooks, sketchbooks, textbooks, and printed documents. The reMarkable 2 targets knowledge workers that depend on paper, such as business professionals, students/academics, engineers, creative professionals, and more.

The paper tablet and its accessories (Type Folio, Marker Plus and Tips, and Book Folio) were launched in the country on January 15 via Amazon. Last week, the company officially introduced itself to the Indian media in Delhi. reMarkable’s chief design officer and product manager Mats Herding Solberg introduced the paper tablet as a means to “help you think” without any distractions or notifications from emails or social media platforms.

However, it does allow you to sync notes and documents across devices via the reMarkable app and lets you share your work via email. The reMarkable 2 offers a paper-like writing experience. Its display has no backlight and is completely readable in sunlight just like a sheet of paper.

reMarkable paper tablet (1)

The reMarkable 2 paper tablet supports Type Folio for typing documents (Image Credits: Mohammad Faisal/ News9Live)

The pricing of the reMarkable 2 is not budget-friendly and the company is aware of this. Henrik Gustav Faller, Vice President of Communications at reMarkable, said that a big chunk of Indian consumers are price sensitive, which puts our near-premium offering at a disadvantage. “However, we are getting thousands of page views on our products on Amazon and people seem ready to accept our products.”

Talking to News9Live, Faller said, “We don’t have any set target to achieve this year. We are trying to gauge the market and understand it better.”

The reMarkable products are made in China. “The company has no immediate plans to start manufacturing the reMarkable 2 in India, but we are excited about the potential that it has here,” Faller said. The company doesn’t offer physical service in India but will allow assistance via support.

reMarkable is promising software updates for the paper tablet for improved workflow every sixth week. In addition to its hardware offerings, the brand aims to offer more focused work experiences via its mobile and desktop apps.

reMarkable 2 India pricing

The reMarkable 2 bundle with Marker Plus is priced at Rs 43,999. The bundle with tablet, Marker Plus, and Book Folio is priced at Rs 53,799. The Marker Plus is priced individually at Rs 13,599, whereas the Type Folio is available at Rs 19,499. The reMarkable 2 bundle comes with 1-year free Connect membership and then costs Rs 299 per month or Rs 2990 per year.

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