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Playboy model claps back at moms’ response to ‘inappropriate’ outfit she wore to Disney



This model is too Ep-hot for Disney, critics say.

Janaina Prazeres, a 35-year-old Brazillian model featured on the cover of Playboy Norway a few months ago, recently visited an unspecified Disney amusement park, where her look turned heads — though not in the way she intended.

The influencer modeled her ensemble on her Instagram story for her 60,000-plus followers.

Janaina Prazeres modeled her Disney outfit to her Instagram followers. Janaina Prazeres/Instagram
Janaina Prazeres, a model featured on the cover of Playboy Norway, recently visited an unspecified Disney amusement park, where her look turned heads. Janaina Prazeres/Instagram

Despite fully covering up with a long-sleeved sweater and denim-inspired leggings — much more clothing than her usual scantily-clad attire — online trolls are saying her look was too form-fitting for a family theme park, The Daily Star reported.  

“This influencer needs to understand that there is a time and place for everything. Disney is not the place to wear such sensual clothes,” one person wrote. 

“As a parent, I feel uncomfortable seeing influencers wear such revealing clothes at Disney. I want my children to enjoy the experience without being exposed to it,” another said. 

Playboy called Prazeras “the perfect woman.”
Janaina Prazeres/Instagram
Eat this, trolls: the model said she doesn’t care what you think. Janaina Prazeres/Instagram

The model, deemed the “Perfect Woman” by the Norwegian version of the popular men’s magazine, is nonplussed about what other people have to say. 

“I wear what makes me feel good and confident. I’m not here to please everyone. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem.”

The Post has reached out to Prazeres for further comment.

She’s not the only Disney visitor who has faced attire backlash.

The model did not specify which Disney amusement park she visited. AP
Janaina Prazeres is a Brazilian model. Janaina Prazeres/Instagram

In 2022, a California influencer named Laci Kay Somers claimed that she was shamed by Disneyland staff for wearing a crop top and leggings to the House of Mouse in Anaheim. 

Also in 2022, a makeup influencer named Christie X claimed Disney staff forced her to put a T-shirt over a tank top with spaghetti straps. 

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