This former BYU football player now in the NFL just signed a perfect endorsement deal

Former BYU Cougars linebacker Sione Takitaki, now of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, might not be a household name around the country, but his name probably couldn’t be much better from a marketing standpoint for one prominent company, and the two sides have now come together.

Last week, Takitaki began posting ads on his Instagram account for Takis, the hot chip snack, featuring himself and his wife, Alyssa.

One of the posts is a video ad that begins with Alyssa Takitaki sitting on a couch using a TV remote and she says, “Babe, the game’s about to start. Bring me a snack.”

The camera pans to Sione Takitaki, who asks, “Like what?”

His wife responds, “You know what I like. Bring me some Takis.”

Sione Takitaki excitedly says, “Be right there,” and he runs to the kitchen, where a huge supply of Takis is on display.

After rummaging through the bags, Sione Takitaki grabs one and jumps on the couch with his wife, and she says, “Oh, I’ve been craving these. Thanks, babe,” and they start watching the TV.

The commercial closes with Sione Takitaki back in the kitchen, bag of Takis in hand, with the display of Takis in the background.

“In the Takitaki household, Takis is our gameday snack,” he says as he eats one slowly while staring at the camera.

The 80th overall pick (third round) of the 2019 NFL draft by the Browns out of BYU, Sione Takitaki has played in 72 regular season games over five seasons and has tallied 269 tackles with four sacks, two forced fumbles (one recovered) and two interceptions, one of which he returned for a touchdown in 2019.

Sione Takitaki, 28, played on a one-year contract during the 2023 season as the Browns made the playoffs for just the second time since 2002, where they were beaten in the opening round by the Houston Texans.

As such, Sione Takitaki is entering free agency with the season having concluded on Sunday.

Sione and Alyssa Takitaki are expecting their first child in April, Alyssa Takitaki announced on Instagram in December.

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