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Independent software company for broadband, video and analytics, SoftAtHome, has announced the deployment of Norwegian incumbent telco Telenor’s latest home gateway and repeater.
The new home gateway and repeater combo was built by Zyxel Communications, offering Wi-Fi 6E connectivity though a MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi technology chipset, powered by SoftAtHome’s Connect’ON and Wifi’ON software products. The new network-agnostic gateway can be connected to 5G, DOCSIS or GPON networks.

Connect’ON is designed to ensure connectivity and quality of service using either fibre or 5G networks. At the same time, the software vendor’s Wifi’ON also guarantees Wi-Fi quality of experience to the new Telenor devices. The new devices are also said to have more robust security and better radio spectrum usage and a unique zero-ouch pairing of repeaters.

SoftAtHome says that Telenor will also benefit from running the same software on its last two generations of home gateway and repeater.

“We’re delighted to launch our new triband products with our partner SoftAtHome,” commented Anna Hvattum, head of broadband & services at Telenor. “Connect’ON’s ability to seamlessly manage both 5G and wired connectivity will help future-proof our latest devices. Having the last two generations using different chipsets run under a single software stack makes our life easier.”

David Viret-Lange, SoftAtHome CEO, added, “Telenor Norway is still as innovative as ever, always offering the most advanced services and features. Working with a new chipset and device maker has again shown how we bring hardware independence to our operator clients. I’m especially proud that Wifi’ON and Connect’ON are powering Telenor’s latest home network solution.”

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