Tatler’s weekly horoscope: Dec 3-9

With Venus, the planet of love, being a major cosmic player next week, Tatler’s astrologer Casey Chan explains what it means for each star sign

There is a strong Venusian theme in the air next week, as the planet of love dances across the cosmic sky dynamically. On December 3, Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn, revealing our deeper insecurities and secret wounds that still need tending to. Just two days later, Venus moves into the sign of Scorpio, suggesting that more discomfort or hidden truths around our love and money stories may be revealed. Although popularly known as the planet governing love, Venus also rules over our values and material possessions. In the sign of honesty-driven Scorpio, we can expect themes surrounding our self-worth, finances and creative power to get highlighted. Ultimately, any challenges around these areas are here to show us more about ourselves so we can reclaim our power.

The next day, Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces points to where we can commit to our heart’s truth to build sustainable growth; which could look like making long-term financial investments based on our intuition or expressing our vulnerable truth to a romantic partner so they can better understand our needs. 

On December 6, Neptune stations direct in Pisces after being retrograde since the end of June. Being our planet of spirituality, Neptune teaches us about intuition and compassion. Take a moment to reflect on the past five months—what were some significant moments that taught you to honour your intuition and trust your instincts? How can you carry forward the same level of trust in yourself? 

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