Norwegian staffing firms to submit case to EFTA

21 November 2023

Nine staffing firms in Norway that have filed a claim for compensation against the Norwegian government due to the new hiring rules for labour have been allowed to submit their case to the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) Court in Luxembourg, reports Valona News.

In September 2023, nine staffing firms filed a damages claim against the Norwegian government following the introduction of a clampdown on the rules for staffing and subcontracting.

Nicolay Skarning of lawyer firm Simonsen, Vogt & Wiig said the claim has now reached around NOK 40 million (€3.4 million), but may increase if more staffing firms sign up for the case. The claim relates to a change of law introduced on 1 April by the Norwegian government. The new rules have made it harder for employers to outsource or subcontract staff from recruitment firms. A total ban was also introduced on subcontracting across Oslo, Viken and the former Vestfold county.

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