Norway’s Live Gaming Stats 2023: All You Need to Know

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Norway’s vibrant gaming community has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Gamers of all ages indulge in gaming as a pastime, and many are migrating to the online landscape, joining the growing ranks of live gaming streamers. Streaming is emerging as a new gaming trend, infusing more entertainment value through competitive events and creating a stage for socializing with the broader community in the Nordic region and internationally.

Live Casino Performance

The best live casino sites and apps are equally leveraging streaming technology to enhance player experience via live casino games available on, and with that, they can appeal to an already eager pool of players. Projections show that the live gaming market will grow 7.26% over the following four years. Several factors influence the dynamic of Norway’s live gaming landscape.

The Statistics Reflect a Booming Live Gaming Scene

The data supports the increasing popularity of gaming. Credible statistics show that live streaming will generate $76.08 million in 2024, while the overall video game market will generate revenue of $1,197 billion by 2024 and will continue to grow at an 8.52% rate over the following four years. Norway’s live gaming market projections indicate that the user base will reach 1.9 million players in 2028. On the financial side, the market volume for live streaming will hit $100 million by 2028.

Although streaming on Twitch declined by 10% last year, a more in-depth dive into available metrics concerning Nordic countries reveals that Nordic-language hours of streaming are up 36% year-over-year on Twitch.

The popularity of Twitch streamers is not limited only to video games – casino games also receive attention on the platform, so much so that in 2022, the Norwegian government filed a protest with Twitch, requiring the platform to block the marketing of gambling activities without a license in Norway.

Large Pool of Gamers

The demographic data shows that the entire Norwegian population is active gamers. Not surprisingly, the most significant chunk of gamers stems from the teenage population. About 71% of teenagers play video games daily, and the next most active group is people aged 16 to 24, with 48% of them having reported they play video games daily.

Adults have busier lives, but 29% of Norwegians aged between 25 and 44 still find the time to play video games daily. Even seniors are playing video games, with 22% from the age group 45 to 65 years old playing games, and retirees also show up in the stats, with 14% of 65 to 79-year-old Norwegians actively contributing to the booming industry.

Esports are big business in Norway, with high schools jumping on the bandwagon in 2016 and introducing Esports as part of the curriculum. Schools are working to prepare the new generation of gamers by improving their abilities to make decisions and cooperate.

Live Casino Games Fuel the Trend

Gaming has another side, better known as interactive gaming or online gambling. Casino sites are highly regulated in Norway, but streaming is also entering this industry, with bettors sharing their gaming activities and adding a social component. Although most online casino games offer a single-player experience, live dealer games offer an opportunity to interact with real croupiers. Players can engage with live dealers and other gambling enthusiasts in Norway by joining live-streaming gaming sessions at the roulette, blackjack, or baccarat live casino tables.

Operators with live casino sections aren’t in short supply, so many are accessible to Nordic players. The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority has reported that around 2.5 million Norwegians have made an online wager over a year, a larger number than the active video game user base.

Migrations between the two types of gaming are frequent, and live streams expose players to both gaming types. Because of the state monopoly of online gaming, resulting in restricted offers of casino games, most players venture to international casino sites, resulting in offshore operators taking a 15% market share , according to Norsk Tipping, one of the licensed operators in Norway.

Mobile Dominates Live Casino and Video Gaming

Gaming consoles have been a staple tool for playing video games but are being replaced by smartphones. Mobile devices have emerged as the primary gaming option for Norwegians. According to a survey from 2023, which surveyed 1,032 respondents aged 18 to 64, smartphones were the preferred device for playing video games, with 45% reporting using a smartphone to play games.

Laptops and PCs account for 31% of usage, while game consoles take third place, with 27% of respondents saying they use consoles to play games. Mobile gaming is preferred because of its convenience and Norway’s favorable infrastructure. The country has one of the highest global mobile acceptance rates, with 1.1 smartphones per person in 2023. The available bandwidth ranks 6th globally, and the fast internet speeds enable more reliable streaming and online gaming.



Mobile technology is not only driving the expansion of video gaming and live streaming in Norway, it’s also the impetus for developing the iGaming scene. The limited access to land-based casinos in this Nordic country motivates players to transition to online casinos, especially operators with live dealer games. Market projections show that the number of active players will grow to 301.000 by 2028.

It’s logical to expect a crossover between gamers and gamblers, especially with live casino games, which offer a similar degree of entertainment and interaction as video game streaming, not to forget the competitive aspect. There are dozens of video game tournaments and events in Norway, and online casinos also allow players to compete against other platform members for tempting rewards. If the Norwegian legal framework liberalizes, this gaming segment can match the growth of video gaming.

Concluding Thoughts

Gaming is a global phenomenon generating revenue figures that overshadow box office numbers of movies, and with the emergence of live streaming, the entire industry is in overdrive. Norway is one corner of the world doing its part in the industry’s growth through legions of eager players and game studios generating immersive gaming products.

Norway hosts dozens of competitions and gaming events, and most gamers also delve into live casino games. Most crucial pieces are in place for further growth, such as sophisticated mobile infrastructures, a vibrant gaming culture, and live streaming, creating a new method for engagement and promotion, resulting in a 7.26% growth by 2028. Overall, live streaming can promote the next stage of development of video gaming and live casino games in Norway.

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