Hexagon Purus Maritime establishes Norway office to meet hydrogen storage demands

© Hexagon Purus Maritime


© Hexagon Purus Maritime

Hexagon Purus Maritime has opened a new office in Ålesund, Norway, to meet increasing demand for hydrogen storage solutions.

The Hexagon Purus subsidiary develops complete hydrogen fuel systems for on board vessels, based on its Type 4 high-pressure cylinders.

Currently, Hexagon Purus Maritime is producing fuel systems for the training vessel, SKULEBAS, for Hvide Sande Shipyard and for the “world’s first” hydrogen-powered fishing workboat for Moen Marin.

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The Ålesund site will have 450 square metres of office space and a 150 square metre workshop and could potentially be expanded in the future.

Robert Haugen, Managing Director of Hexagon Purus Maritime, claimed the company’s hydrogen fuel systems will “contribute to the fight against climate change.” Haugen added, “The Devold factory’s historical connection to green energy and winding technology harmonises well with our commitment to sustainability and innovation.”

Hexagon Purus: finding compressed hydrogen’s ‘sweet spot’ in maritime

Norway’s Hexagon Purus has logged its position as one of the leading compressed hydrogen storage solution providers in the market, supplying a range of applications from buses and trucks to distribution and transport systems.

In March (2023) the company announced it had received an investment of NOK500m ($47m) from Mitsui and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for additional investments of up to NOK1.5bn ($142m) in the coming years, making the Japanese corporation a long-term strategic partner and seemingly secured Hexagon Purus’ leading position.

Its main driver is to help facilitate the transition to zero-emission technology across markets, and as with many heavy-duty use cases, maritime is proving an alluring sector.

Despite the role of hydrogen in the maritime sector often being linked to carriers such as ammonia, e-methanol or even liquid hydrogen, Hexagon Purus believes the gaseous form of the energy carrier could play an important role in cleaning up the sector.

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