H5 Data Centers Expands Edge Data Center in San Antonio

US data center operator H5 Data Centers today announced the expansion of its edge data center located at 100 Taylor Street in downtown San Antonio. The Tier 3 expansion of turn-key colocation space will reportedly enable up to an additional 340 cabinets and up to 1.5 MW of additional UPS capacity, the official release said.

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Infrastructure Expansion

H5 Data Centers said five new communications providers have deployed infrastructure at the San Antonio Data Center campus in 2023 alone, continuing the growth of the network ecosystem.

Network Ecosystem Growth

“International carriers, regional Internet service providers, and enterprises continue to contribute to the expanding San Antonio interconnection ecosystem. Given San Antonio’s strategic position along key long-haul fibre routes and its location in South Texas, our data centre is well-positioned for continued IT infrastructure services growth, meeting the growing demand for colocation space and services in San Antonio and Austin,” said H5 Data Centers.

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San Antonio Data Center

The San Antonio Edge Data Center stands out as a facility with key highlights. The carrier hotel totals 85,000 square feet and offers access to over 35 communications carriers, including several carriers from Mexico. Positioned as the top point of interconnection in both the San Antonio and Austin metropolitan areas, it serves as a vital hub for seamless connectivity, the company said.

Moreover, H5 Data Centers says San Antonio being one of the safest locations in the US to host a data centre adds an extra layer of assurance, emphasising the facility’s commitment to security and reliability for the critical IT infrastructure it houses.

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