Best Women Centric Movie 2023 Result: Rani Mukerji’s Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway secures victory with 48 percent votes

In the year 2023, Bollywood has experienced a notable surge in outstanding female-led movies across various genres, ranging from thrilling narratives to biopics and slice-of-life dramas. These films have not only resonated with audiences but have also received widespread acclaim from both viewers and critics. As we approach the end of the year, Pinkvilla conducted a poll on December 30, inviting readers to cast their votes for the best women-centric movie of the year.

Anticipation hung in the air, creating an atmosphere of excitement. The moment of revelation has arrived! Below, discover the victorious movie that has secured the esteemed title of the standout women-centric film of the year, as determined by the collective votes of the readers.

Fans vote for Rani Mukerji’s Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway as the winner of Best Women Centric Movie 2023 POLL

In the intense competition for the coveted title of the best women-centric movie of 2023, nine films battled fiercely for the top spot. Following a comprehensive polling process that involved 153 users over a span of two days, the final results left no room for ambiguity. Rani Mukerji‘s Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway emerged as the undisputed winner, securing an impressive 48 percent of the votes. Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Jaane Jaan claimed the runner-up position with a commendable 46 percent of the votes. Tabu’s Khufiya earned 3 percent of the votes.

Despite their undeniable merit, Thank You for Coming, Akelli, Tarla, Neeyat, Dhak Dhak, and Apurva didn’t manage to accumulate as many votes in this tightly contested competition.

Check out the detailed results below:

Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway Winner

About Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway

The film draws its narrative inspiration from the real-life ordeal of an Indian couple whose children were forcibly separated from them by Norwegian authorities in 2011. Headlined by Rani Mukerji, the film features the notable presence of Jim Sarbh in a significant role. Notably, it serves as the Hindi film debut for the accomplished Bengali actor, Anirban Bhattacharya.

Distinguished by its unique production backdrop, the film proudly claims the distinction of being the first Indian film to be shot in Estonia. The movie achieved commercial success, being declared a hit at the box office.

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